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Vasectomy-No needle, no scalpel

If you’re looking for a safe, gentle, easy, and effective form of birth control, vasectomy is an excellent option. Dr. Stephen Lazarou has performed tens of thousands of vasectomies over the years and currently offers them in convenient locations in Boston and the surrounding areas. 

As a board-certified urologist, Dr. Lazarou is an expert in family planning. He is also an expert in advanced microsurgery of the male reproductive system. In addition to vasectomies, Dr. Lazarou specializes in vasectomy reversals and the full range of reproductive care. 

Dr. Lazarou’s use of the “no-scalpel, no-needle” method makes vasectomy a quick, gentle, virtually painless procedure. With this approach, the vasa deferentia (the two tubes that sperm cells travel through) are accessed through tiny punctures in the scrotum instead of incisions. An anesthetic is applied without use of a needle.

The ”no scalpel, no needle” method means there are no cuts to close with stitches. The punctures heal on their own. There is also less bleeding, and men recover faster than with traditional vasectomy.

To learn more, please call Dr. Lazarou at 781-237-9000 and schedule an office or virtual visit.

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